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3 Reasons to have a Prenup if you are a Millennial

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Getting married should be one of the happiest events in a person's life, but--as uncomfortable as it may sound--making plans for life after marriage can be crucial. While it may seem unnecessary or even impolite to think about divorce in the weeks or months leading up to marriage, divorce is a reality for many once happy couples.

If you are a millennial, you may have already considered whether a prenup makes sense for you. According to a recent survey, millennials are more likely to inquire about prenuptial agreements than any other generation. There are numerous reasons for this increase in prenuptial agreement inquiries, including a few we examine below.

5 steps to keep digital assets from causing real problems

In the administration of a person's estate, there are typically numerous details to address and resolve. This includes tax payments, asset location and management, heir identification, property distribution and account closures.

However, people often overlook one major detail when it comes to estate planning, and that is what to do with a person's digital assets. Below, we look at five steps you can take to keep digital assets from causing problems during the administration of an estate.

Power of attorney ends with the individual's death

Every now and then, a misunderstanding about estate law occurs, often with the best possible intentions.

From time to time we hear of an individual who signs on to wield durable power of attorney for a loved one -- which we call the principal. When that principal is unable to make financial decisions for himself or herself, the person with the power of attorney -- which we call the agent -- steps in and makes those decisions on the principal's behalf.

Protect proprietary information with these tools

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The success or failure of a company depends on its ability to be competitive in the marketplace. The strategies, products and/or services that give a company its competitive edge are therefore crucial, and employers would be wise to protect them.

You can protect your competitive edge by using one or more of the following tools:

3 things to take away from the Children's, Blue Cross dispute

A Minnesota-based business dispute involving Children's Hospital and Blue Cross Blue Shield made national headlines recently when the two parties could not resolve contract issues. Thankfully, the two sides reached an agreement and recently signed a new contract. A more comprehensive reporting on the dispute can be found in this Star Tribune article.

In this blog post, however, we want to discuss some key items that other business owners can take away from the bitter dispute in an effort to avoid similar issues.

Don't forget about your debt during divorce

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Millions of Americans carry some amount of debt, whether it's the result of student loans, medical bills, or credit card payments. Despite the fact that so many people have debt, it can be easy to forget about when it comes to dividing property during a divorce.

In addition to the division of assets, you will also need to address liabilities--both marital and personal--in your Minnesota divorce. Below are a few key things to remember about how debt will affect your divorce.

Three times you should update your estate plan

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Estate plans help to ensure financial security for generations. They are easy to put off and, once finally completed, easy to forget. But certain life events can trigger the need to update your plan, and the failure to do so can result in unintended consequences.

The following list is not exclusive, but here are three examples of times when an update may be advisable:

4 things Minnesota employers must know about harassment claims

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Harassment in the employment setting interferes with the victim's ability to perform his/her/their job duties, disrupts the workplace environment, and puts employers in the difficult position of having to investigate claims, interview employees, discipline perpetrators, and mitigate the chance of a lawsuit. Considering the impact these claims have on everyone, it is crucial for employers to be prepared to deal with them, should they arise.

Below are four critical steps Minnesota employers can and should take with regard to harassment claims to avoid contentious (and costly) legal battles.

4 factors to consider when it comes to enforcing non-competes

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Non-compete agreements are commonplace in many Minnesota business agreements. That being said, they are not necessary in all cases or appropriate for all employees. 

Before you decide to have an employee sign a non-compete agreement or take legal action against a person who has violated a non-complete agreement, there are some important things you will first want to consider.

Factors that can complicate child custody cases

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Any case involving child custody is going to be difficult for Minnesota families. Whether you are fighting for it, challenging it, or trying to modify existing custody arrangements, there is going to be a lot at stake.

That being said, there are certain factors that further complicate the process of establishing a child custody plan. We examine some of these factors below.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

  1. “Thank you for providing personalized professional services to us during a time of grief and loss when family relationships were not the best. With an attorney on board to help manage legal matters, everyone had confidence that the best was being done. ”

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  2. “Our estate plan was handled well. We never felt rushed and all details were fully explained. Sam is very professional, easy to talk to and experienced in all aspects of estate planning. He gave examples and explored alternatives for us to consider. Well done and thanks.”

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  3. “I was given the name of the law firm by a family friend after helplessly pilfering through endless names on websites. I am grateful I called. I was connected with Dave Meier immediately and from the go, was treated with dignity, care and respect. Every visit to the firm was pleasant and professional. ”

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  4. “We were highly impressed upon the level and capability of Sjoberg & Tebelius. They gently showed us that there was much more to achieving the Will in the correct format that will protect our children than the quick attempts we had made on our own. Great people to work with - achieving our desired results!”

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