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4 factors to consider when it comes to enforcing non-competes

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Non-compete agreements are commonplace in many Minnesota business agreements. That being said, they are not necessary in all cases or appropriate for all employees. 

Before you decide to have an employee sign a non-compete agreement or take legal action against a person who has violated a non-complete agreement, there are some important things you will first want to consider.

Factors that can complicate child custody cases

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Any case involving child custody is going to be difficult for Minnesota families. Whether you are fighting for it, challenging it, or trying to modify existing custody arrangements, there is going to be a lot at stake.

That being said, there are certain factors that further complicate the process of establishing a child custody plan. We examine some of these factors below.

What Form Should Your Business Take?

You have an idea for a business, some start-up money and a solid business plan. But you’re not finished yet: you need to choose the best formation for your business based on your goals, resources and vision for the future. The business formation you choose will have concrete management, tax and liability consequences, so it’s important to protect yourself and choose wisely. While it’s best to consult an experienced business law attorney before making any final decisions, it can help to have an overview of how various business formations differ so you know which one might be best for you.

Sole proprietorships

4 crucial documents to have as part of your estate plan

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Creating an estate plan can be an intimidating process. If you feel intimidated, overwhelmed, or even anxious about acknowledging your own mortality, consider  breaking down the comprehensive estate plan into its basic elements. Taken on their own, these four components can be more manageable and easier to complete.

How child support is determined in Minnesota

If you are going through a divorce or separation from your child’s other parent, child support is probably something you’ve thought about. Child support can play an important role in ensuring your child is well-cared for. It can also play a role in your financial stability.

In Minnesota, children have the right to be supported by both of their parents. There are several factors that contribute to a final child support decision. In this post, we’ll discuss what those factors are, so you have some idea of what to expect when you begin negotiating your child support payments.

4 things employers should consider when laying off employees

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Eliminating jobs is not something employers enjoy doing. Unfortunately, it can become necessary when a company is shifting priorities, changing its structure, or dealing with serious financial limitations.

If you are in a position where you have to lay off employees, understand that it won't be easy and it must be done thoughtfully. Below are some important things to consider before you make the layoff announcement. They can protect you as an employer as well as help soften the blow for the terminated workers.

Products don't need to be public to be patented

Protecting any invention can be a wise decision for any business owner or inventor. An invention doesn't need to be a new product you plan to sell in order for it to be patentable. In fact, even if you only use the product yourself or inside your business, it can be valuable and worthy of legal protection.

For instance, recently Apple secured a patent for a round pizza box available only in their campus cafeteria. Even though the box is not the type of product traditionally invented by Apple or available to the public, it fulfills the four basic requirements of a patent, which we examine below.

4 mistakes you can (and should) avoid during your divorce


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Getting divorced is a financially, socially, and emotionally difficult experience that has lasting ramifications, even in amicable situations. Parties often make this already-difficult process worse by making some common mistakes that hurt a party's parental rights, their financial settlement, and/or their personal reputation. Consider the following:

Estate planning tips for every stage of life

family2.jpgToo many people make the mistake of thinking that an estate plan is only necessary when you enter the golden years. They think that until people are retired or struggling with a serious illness, there is no need to legally protect their assets, property, or loved ones.

This can be a costly assumption should the unexpected and catastrophic occur. In other words, proactive planning can benefit a person at any age.

Was my termination wrongful?


Being fired can be an incredibly upsetting experience. Suddenly you can find yourself struggling to support your family and without critical benefits. Considering how devastating termination decisions can be, it is crucial that they comply with the law.

Those decisions that do not comply can be grounds for a wrongful termination claim.

It might make sense to assume that "wrongful" means unfair or unwarranted. However, in the eyes of the law, a termination must meet specific criteria to be considered unlawful. If you are questioning whether your termination was wrongful, here are three things to consider:

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

  1. “Thank you for providing personalized professional services to us during a time of grief and loss when family relationships were not the best. With an attorney on board to help manage legal matters, everyone had confidence that the best was being done. ”

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  2. “Our estate plan was handled well. We never felt rushed and all details were fully explained. Sam is very professional, easy to talk to and experienced in all aspects of estate planning. He gave examples and explored alternatives for us to consider. Well done and thanks.”

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  3. “I was given the name of the law firm by a family friend after helplessly pilfering through endless names on websites. I am grateful I called. I was connected with Dave Meier immediately and from the go, was treated with dignity, care and respect. Every visit to the firm was pleasant and professional. ”

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  4. “We were highly impressed upon the level and capability of Sjoberg & Tebelius. They gently showed us that there was much more to achieving the Will in the correct format that will protect our children than the quick attempts we had made on our own. Great people to work with - achieving our desired results!”

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