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Protecting Your Loved Ones Through Guardianships & Conservatorships

Sjoberg & Tebelius, P.A., is honored to provide people in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin with the assistance they need to take care of the people they love.

Guardianships and conservatorships are legal tools that allow you to manage the affairs of the minor children in your life, or an adult who has been struck by a physical or mental incapacity that affects their ability to care for themselves and/or their assets. Through these processes, our experienced estate planning attorneys can both advise you about your options and help you navigate the court system to achieve your goals.

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What Are Conservatorships And Guardianships?

In both Minnesota and Wisconsin, a guardianship is a legal relationship between a guardian and a ward. The guardian has the legal authority to make personal decisions on behalf of the ward, who typically is a child or incapacitated adult. For example, as a guardian you would have the power to decide where your ward will live, where they will go to school and who will be their doctor.

Conversely, a conservatorship is a financial relationship. A conservator makes financial decisions for the conservatee. As with guardianships, the conservatee lacks the maturity or mental capacity to handle their own finances. As conservator, it is your responsibility to stand in for the conservatee and pay their bills, enter into contracts and oversee their investments.

A Skilled And Compassionate Approach To Guardianships And Conservatorships

Attorney Anne Brown provides knowledgeable and dedicated legal representation to our clients who seek assistance with guardianships and conservatorships.

We understand the emotional issues involved in the guardianship and conservatorship processes, as well as ways to avoid or at least minimize family conflict.

Attorney Anne Brown has helped clients understand their rights and duties as guardians and conservators, coordinate with nursing homes and other care centers, as well as determine when it makes better sense to involve a professional, third-party guardian or conservator.

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Our friendly support staff helps to keep guardianship and conservatorship files moving in an expedient manner. For more information, contact Sjoberg & Tebelius, P.A., at our Woodbury office location by calling 651-315-8856.