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Learn More About Your Rights To Marital Property In Wisconsin

When creating your estate plan, you may not realize that as a married person, your marital property is an important issue. You likely associate that term with divorce, but in Wisconsin, proper planning for the community property you and your spouse co-own is needed to avoid unintended consequences and make sure your spouse is financially comfortable if you predecease them.

When you have questions regarding marital property and how these issues may impact your future, you can get the answers that you deserve by talking with attorney Roy Sjoberg at the Woodbury law firm of Sjoberg & Tebelius, P.A. Whether preserving family cabins or other property, you can feel confident that your rights are fully protected when you work with our law firm.

The firm serves clients throughout Western Wisconsin, as well as St. Paul, the East Metro and greater Minnesota.

Understanding Wisconsin’s Marital Property Laws

Wisconsin is one of the most complicated places in the United States when it comes to community property or marital property laws, especially if you are moving to Wisconsin from another state. Figuring out whether you should elect to be under community property can have a large impact on the creation of trusts and other estate planning tools.

The preservation of wealth and property can be difficult in Wisconsin, and it takes an attorney familiar with Wisconsin’s unique marital property laws to provide the right options and recommendations. Attorney Roy Sjoberg has the knowledge and legal skills necessary to help you navigate this complex area of law.

Extensive Experience Handling Marital Property Issues

In 1989, attorney Roy Sjoberg became licensed to practice law in the state of Wisconsin. Since that time, Roy Sjoberg has helped many clients in Hudson and other communities in western Wisconsin with legal issues that include business planning, business formation and estate planning.

Throughout the years practicing in Wisconsin, the issue of marital property continued to arise and many other lawyers in the area were not critically reviewing estate plans with marital property in mind.

As Roy Sjoberg began working with clients and marital property issues in Wisconsin, he eventually began giving seminars on how to keep the prized lake cabin in the family and how to preserve other property. He has talked to banks about how to create forms for marital property agreements and has made a positive impact on many clients, companies and communities by educating them on Wisconsin marital property laws.

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