Factors that can complicate child custody cases

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Any case involving child custody is going to be difficult for Minnesota families. Whether you are fighting for it, challenging it, or trying to modify existing custody arrangements, there is going to be a lot at stake.

That being said, there are certain factors that further complicate the process of establishing a child custody plan. We examine some of these factors below.

Unsuitability of a parent

No parent is perfect, but there are certain traits and decisions that can make a parent an unsuitable care provider for a child. If a parent is addicted to drugs or alcohol, is in jail, has been accused of abuse, or exposes a child to dangerous situations, he or she may be deemed unfit, which can be devastating.

Children with special needs

A custody plan should meet the needs of the child. When these needs involve ongoing medical care, emotional disorders, physical limitations, and/or the need for constant supervision, parents — and the courts — can disagree about how best to meet all these needs.

Third parties

Grandparents, relatives and other third parties who are trying to get custody of a child can present serious complications, and in many cases, other legal options may be preferable. Additionally, when parents date or marry others people, there is the potential that these parties can jeopardize custody if they pose a threat to the child.

Out-of-state custody

Sharing custody is hard enough without the added challenges of interstate travel. Parents living in different states can find it an incredible challenge to agree on a plan that gives both parents time with a child. Related issues can present complications as well, including how best to carry out custody exchanges.

Legal guidance can get you through these complications

If you are dealing with any of these issues, you would be wise to know your rights and secure legal support and guidance, as you are likely going to be in for a battle.

Again, every child custody case has the potential to be painful, difficult and upsetting. However, when there are additional factors that further complicate the situation, legal guidance will be critical in ensuring the resolution is fair.