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Where Might my Soon-to-Be Ex Bury Assets?

dog dig.jpgDivorce often doesn't bring out the best in people. Divorcing spouses often feel defensive, angry, and scared, and these emotions can drive people to do things they know they shouldn't do.

For instance, people can be tempted to bury assets when they are going through a divorce in an effort to shield them from division. However, hiding assets is unlawful and unwise. If you believe your ex might be hiding assets, there are some places you can start looking to uncover them.

4 Ways to Avoid Discrimination, Harassment in Your Company

Man.jpgWorkplace discrimination and harassment are pervasive problems. Recently, there has been a flood of reports and allegations detailing such misconduct in industries ranging from entertainment to technology and this has led to national movements to stop sexual harassment and discrimination. 

If you are a Minnesota employer, you can take steps to protect your employees from such behavior, while also reducing your risk of liability and negative headlines.

Don't Get Overwhelmed by the 'Taxing' Elements of Estate Planning


"'Tis impossible to be sure of any thing but Death and Taxes." - C. Bullock (1716)


One of the most common reasons people require assistance when making an estate plan is to deal strategically with the tax consequences of their various options. The Internal Revenue Code is incredibly complex, and most people want to take advantage of any breaks that may be available. They also want to avoid costly penalties that come from not properly planning ahead.

There is no reason for people to have to figure everything out on their own, and it is a mistake to assume there is nothing you can do to minimize tax obligations with an estate plan. Instead, discuss with an attorney how to create an estate plan that accomplishes the following tax-related goals.

Fewer than 50? Avoid these FMLA mistakes

The unpaid yet job protecting power of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) has been a safety net for many American workers since its inception in 1993. The limits of FMLA protect small businesses who would find it overly burdensome to comply with the law.

However, if you are a company with fewer than 50 employees within 75 miles, you could end up having to honor an FMLA leave request because of avoidable mistakes. Here are mistakes businesses make and what your company can do to avoid taking on extra liability.

Where to Start if you Want to Start a Business in Minnesota

track meet.jpgRunning a small business is something countless Minnesotans dream of. Many even have ideas or products that could support a new venture already. However, it can be easy to get stuck at this dreaming stage if you are unsure what to do with your ideas.

To make your dream a reality, you need to take action. This typically starts with creating a business plan. Your business plan clarifies your goals and lays out the foundation for the business, which is critical in assessing strategies and attracting investors or clients. In this post, we will look at some basic elements of a business plan, as well as what you can do to move your ideas forward.

Three Issues that Can Dog the Division of Marital Property

Three Dogs.jpgEnding a marriage is difficult for many reasons, but one of the biggest challenges people face during the process is dividing assets. Dividing assets is the point at which many divorces become especially contentious because both spouses are often motivated to exit the process with as much property as they possibly can. 

This motivation, combined with the complexities of state property division laws, can turn even the most amicable divorce into a bitter one. Below, we briefly examine a few common issues that slow down and even aggravate the resolution of property disputes.

Employers in the "Gig Economy": 3 Precautions you Must Take

Level.jpgIf you operate a business in Minnesota, you are likely aware of the growing popularity of the "gig economy." This phrase refers to a workforce made up increasingly of people who work for multiple employers and often work in a temporary capacity. 

If you participate in this environment, then you need to be especially cautious when it comes to managing your workforce. Below, we examine three specific precautions you must take if you hire independent workers for short periods of time.

When a Business Dispute is a Family Matter

Fighting.jpgConflict within a small business is stressful and difficult, as it is within a family. These stressors combine when a dispute arises within a family-run business. Add in a divorce and the tension can rise to a fever pitch.

We know that business succession planning is always more complicated when blood and money are on the line. Planning and preparation is the key to getting through the difficult times.

4 Elements that Could Make a Noncompete Unenforceable

map.jpgWhether you are a Minnesota employer or employee, noncompete agreements are not something to take lightly.

These documents are impactful on an employer because, if done incorrectly, they leave the employer's legitimate business interests unprotected. They are impactful on an employee because, if done correctly, they restrict the employee's ability to find subsequent work.

Below, we look at some of the common reasons why a noncompete agreement may be unenforceable and what business owners can do to avoid this.

Federal Estate Tax Limits Increased, Minnesota Limits Remain Low

farm.jpgThe recent federal tax overhaul has had a significant impact on the estate tax.

Previously, individuals could shelter up to $5.49 million in assets from federal estate taxes; married couples could shelter $10.98 million. The new law increased that limit to an estimated $11.2 million for individuals and $22.4 million for married couples.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

  1. “Thank you for providing personalized professional services to us during a time of grief and loss when family relationships were not the best. With an attorney on board to help manage legal matters, everyone had confidence that the best was being done. ”

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  2. “Our estate plan was handled well. We never felt rushed and all details were fully explained. Sam is very professional, easy to talk to and experienced in all aspects of estate planning. He gave examples and explored alternatives for us to consider. Well done and thanks.”

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  3. “I was given the name of the law firm by a family friend after helplessly pilfering through endless names on websites. I am grateful I called. I was connected with Dave Meier immediately and from the go, was treated with dignity, care and respect. Every visit to the firm was pleasant and professional. ”

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  4. “We were highly impressed upon the level and capability of Sjoberg & Tebelius. They gently showed us that there was much more to achieving the Will in the correct format that will protect our children than the quick attempts we had made on our own. Great people to work with - achieving our desired results!”

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