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What to Think About Before Becoming Partners

partners.jpgWhether you are working with a friend, relative, or purely a business colleague, the idea of starting a business can be exciting. You have fueled each other's passion and creativity and come up with a plan for success. However, even though you may have come up with the idea together, becoming partners in the legal sense can be more complicated than many realize.

In the beginning, you may agree on your vision for the future, but that may change as time goes on. Here are some things you may want to consider before becoming business partners:

What Types of Work Leave are Available in Minnesota?

Vacation.jpgEmployers across the state have all sorts of approaches to sick time, vacation time, and personal leave. Some leaves are paid, some are not. Some leaves are based in state law, others federal law and, in some cases, even city ordinance. So, what exactly is a Minnesota employee entitled to?

Why Young Parents Need an Estate Plan (and What Should Be In It)

family.jpgWe've all been told to expect the unexpected. And as hard as it is to contemplate what might happen to our loved ones when we're no longer here, it is necessary to do so - especially for new parents. Having children is a "triggering event" when it comes to estate planning. If someone doesn't have a will already, they should create one when a new child enters their lives.

Avoid These Common Estate Planning Mistakes

Pug.jpgWhen it comes to estate planning, the biggest mistake anyone can make is to not create a plan at all. However, there are a few areas where people are often tripped up. Whether someone is creating the first version of their plan or they have had a plan in place for some time, they should keep these common mistakes in mind:

What parents need to know about parenting time interference

When a divorce involves children, it is easy for emotions to run high. Many courts try to ensure both parents can have time with their children, as long as it is in the child's/ren's best interests. However, when a custody arrangement doesn't work out the way one parent wanted, resentment can easily grow.

In some cases, parents can work out a new arrangement on their own. In others, they resort to behaviors that can put their custody or visitation time in jeopardy. These behaviors are called "parenting time interference," and can result in the loss of custody or contempt of court.

Wrapping Up Operations in a Business Dissolution

Spools2.jpgWhen a small business closes its doors, there are several processes owners should ensure they follow to wind up operations. For some, there will be few formalities and little paperwork. Others have legal obligations under state and federal law. In either case, the following basic steps provide a framework for any business owner looking to move on.

Veterinary Case Study

Veterinary-Case-Study.jpgThe problem: Our client, a veterinarian, approached us for help with a board complaint. A veterinarian from another clinic submitted the complaint to the Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine, falsely accusing our client of not giving her patients rabies vaccines.

New Record-Keeping Requirements for Minnesota Employers and New Wage-Theft Protections for Minnesota Employees


The Minnesota legislature has passed, and Governor Walz has signed, new legislation that amends various employment law statutes, includes new record-keeping requirements for employers, and provides new wage-theft protections for employees.

Record Keeping Requirements

Effective July 1, 2019, Minnesota employers must provide new employees with a Wage Statement at the commencement of their employment. The statement shall include notice of the rate(s) of pay and the basis thereof, allowances for meals/lodging, an explanation of PTO, a statement regarding employment status, deductions, the number of days in a pay period, and the legal name of the employer, its address and phone number.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

  1. “Thank you for providing personalized professional services to us during a time of grief and loss when family relationships were not the best. With an attorney on board to help manage legal matters, everyone had confidence that the best was being done. ”

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  2. “Our estate plan was handled well. We never felt rushed and all details were fully explained. Sam is very professional, easy to talk to and experienced in all aspects of estate planning. He gave examples and explored alternatives for us to consider. Well done and thanks.”

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  3. “I was given the name of the law firm by a family friend after helplessly pilfering through endless names on websites. I am grateful I called. I was connected with Dave Meier immediately and from the go, was treated with dignity, care and respect. Every visit to the firm was pleasant and professional. ”

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  4. “We were highly impressed upon the level and capability of Sjoberg & Tebelius. They gently showed us that there was much more to achieving the Will in the correct format that will protect our children than the quick attempts we had made on our own. Great people to work with - achieving our desired results!”

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