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Why It Is Crucial for LGBTQ Individuals to Have an Estate Plan

LGBTQ.jpgEvery adult should have at least a basic estate plan.  For LGBTQ Minnesotans, advance planning can be especially important to help avoid potential family conflicts and confusion, as well as to provide the means to achieve an easy resolution.

For example, consider these benefits of having an estate plan:

When Should Aging Parents Sign a Financial Power of Attorney?

ElderlyCouple.jpgMaintaining independence is often important to aging adults, and your parents may be no different. They are probably used to doing things for themselves on their schedules and in the way that they like. However, you may have noticed a few changes.

Maybe your mom has been a bit more forgetful than usual, or maybe your dad is having trouble keeping up with his errands. Whatever you noticed may have been minor, but it is often best to be prepared for the future.

How Can I Help My Kids Enjoy the Holidays After a Divorce?

Holiday.jpgIn a recent post, we discussed some tips for parents navigating the holidays for the first time after a divorce. However, parents are not the only ones who need extra support during the holidays. Children of divorced parents also face challenges.

To help your children have a happier holiday season, here are some things you can do. 

Female-led Startups See Increases in VC Funding

Women Business.jpgSecuring funding is one of the first big hurdles that new and emerging business owners face. Many entrepreneurs never get past this step, and a business is over before it ever really begins. Because funding is so important, startup owners should stay plugged-in to funding shifts and trends.

For instance, right now is reportedly an especially good time for female-led startups to secure funding from venture capitalists (VCs).  

Who should get the house in the divorce?

Determining what to do with the marital home can be one of the most challenging decisions in a divorce. Often, it is one of the most valuable assets a family has. People also tend to feel sentimental about their marital home because it can remind them of better times. A marital home may also be the only home children have known and may be a source of comfort and stability during an otherwise chaotic time.

Although there can be benefits to keeping the marital home, there can also be drawbacks. Recent divorcees are often startled to learn how difficult it can be to afford a mortgage payment and all the household bills on only one income. The cost of ongoing maintenance and unexpected repairs can also come as a surprise to someone who is used to splitting those expenses with another person.

When Business Gets Personal: Addressing Workplace Relationships

Roses.jpgWorkplace dynamics and culture are naturally affected by sexual harassment, but the same is true when co-workers engage in a consensual romantic relationship. It can affect things like promotions, terminations, and other decisions that affect how employees are grouped and work together. How, and whether, you set rules for dating and intimacy among employees could have a dramatic effect on the workplace itself. It can also affect the legal complications you may face in the future.

What Does it Mean to Breach Fiduciary Duty?

SmartWoman.jpgAssigning decision-making authority to someone in an estate plan is not a decision to make lightly. Someone who can make decisions on another person's behalf can affect everything from living arrangements to property ownership.

One of the duties that someone in a decision-making capacity typically has is a fiduciary duty. This is the obligation to make financial choices based solely on the principal's or beneficiary's best interests. In some cases, a fiduciary does not or cannot fulfill this responsibility, resulting in a breach. Below are some examples of what this might entail.

3 Ways Recently-Divorced Parents Can Prepare for the Holidays

bells.jpgThe holiday season is just around the corner. Whether you are excited about this or not, it can be a hectic and stressful time of year. This can be especially true if you are a parent navigating the holidays for the first time since a divorce.

Because the next several weeks can quickly become overwhelming, consider taking the following steps now to prepare yourself and your children for the holidays.

Can you build a remote workforce?

Having a workforce that works remote at least part of the time can save companies money and attract workers who appreciate the option to work anywhere. This is especially true in winter months when workers can stay home rather than drive through brutal Minnesota weather conditions.

If you want to run a business that allows employees to work remotely, though, you must be sure your business is equipped to handle such an arrangement. 

Tips for Making Your Workplace Gender Neutral

Neutral.jpgMinnesotans are known for being nice. Often, we wear the label of "Minnesota nice" as a badge of honor--a show of politeness and respect. This attitude of being nice and respectful to everyone can certainly extend into the workplace.

As such, business owners are increasingly interested in making their workplaces more inclusive. This can be wise, considering the fact that employees are more diverse than ever. For instance, you may already have a policy in place to reflect the needs and rights of people of varying religions. But do you have policies regarding employeeswho identify as gender nonbinary?

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

  1. “Thank you for providing personalized professional services to us during a time of grief and loss when family relationships were not the best. With an attorney on board to help manage legal matters, everyone had confidence that the best was being done. ”

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  2. “Our estate plan was handled well. We never felt rushed and all details were fully explained. Sam is very professional, easy to talk to and experienced in all aspects of estate planning. He gave examples and explored alternatives for us to consider. Well done and thanks.”

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  3. “I was given the name of the law firm by a family friend after helplessly pilfering through endless names on websites. I am grateful I called. I was connected with Dave Meier immediately and from the go, was treated with dignity, care and respect. Every visit to the firm was pleasant and professional. ”

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  4. “We were highly impressed upon the level and capability of Sjoberg & Tebelius. They gently showed us that there was much more to achieving the Will in the correct format that will protect our children than the quick attempts we had made on our own. Great people to work with - achieving our desired results!”

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