During a Divorce, Use Caution on Social Media

by | May 17, 2018 | Firm News


Divorce is a difficult time for all parties. You must navigate the process with consideration for not only yourself but for your children, family and friends.

It can be hard to keep all these people in mind when you are scrolling through Facebook. It can be tempting to air your festering frustrations on social media, but doing so is ill-advised.

If you are in the middle of a contentious divorce, social media should be approached with care for several reasons:


We’ve all seen divorces turn nasty in public. Those that include screaming matches in public or long-winded, angry posts on social media.

Resist the urge and remember the adage: “Garbage in, garbage out.”

No matter how frustrated you are with your ex-partner, stay quiet on social media.

Don’t vent about the court proceedings, or how you think the divorce is going. Don’t brag about how your attorney is going to wipe the floor with his or her attorney.

In fact, it’s best to not say anything at all via social media while the divorce process is ongoing.

This way, you remove any chance of comments being misconstrued, or even used against you in court.


Any children affected by your divorce will discover what you said on social media.

Don’t disparage your ex-spouse, and don’t preemptively celebrate the end of your marriage. Both can cause more stress for children who are already going through a difficult time.

Worse, social media posts can be a determining factor in child custody cases. A knee-jerk post can have far-reaching consequences.

It’s not worth it.


Facebook posts, tweets from Twitter, or even emails can be evidence when the court is looking at assets.

If you start posting about spending a lot of money, taking an expensive vacation, or if you try to unload assets through a digital marketplace, you could drive up your legal costs, or even land in legal trouble.

Don’t flaunt assets online and don’t try to get rid of them there, either. (Or anywhere, for that matter.)

Divorce can be a difficult process. But it can be made much worse through mistakes posted on social media. Don’t take that chance. Stay neutral when posting online.

If you have questions about the divorce process, contact a premier divorce attorney for more information.