Attorney's tenacity results in positive resolution of challenging estate administration

The Situation: Three years ago, a couple was referred to Mark Tebelius because they were grappling with some very difficult circumstances. Their 48-year-old son had died tragically, leaving children from two prior marriages. The decedent had no estate plan, and had made no beneficiary designations on any of his numerous financial assets. On top of that, his most significant personal property was being stored on a friend’s property, and the friend now claimed it had all been gifted to him.

Our Solution: Mark tackled the transfer of each financial asset and worked to reclaim and collect the personal property. He resolved each dispute in his calm and methodical way, shepherding the client around each obstacle, taking one step at a time.

The result: He eased the grieving parents’ moments of panic and timely responded to all their questions, no matter the day or hour, surprising them with answers even on the weekends.

Mark has also shown a high level of patience and perseverance because–three years later–the matter still requires untangling, but now the clients proceed with hope.

The couple recently wrote to the firm, stating, “You could not ask for a more efficient, professional, knowledgeable Lawyer than Mark Tebelius.”