Steps you can take to make your divorce go more smoothly

Ending a marriage can be an emotional and complicated process. That said, many people are willing to do whatever they can to avoid unnecessary conflict and contention.

This is possible. In fact, many Minnesota divorces resolve outside of a courtroom and with parties securing amicable, cooperative solutions. And while there is no magic formula that can guarantee a conflict-free divorce, there are steps you can take to make the process go more smoothly.

  1. Stay out of court if you can. Going to court pits one spouse against the other instead of facilitating cooperative discussions. As such, it can be crucial to avoid litigation if possible. To do this, you can pursue alternative dispute resolution options like mediation or collaborative divorce that enable parties to settle divorce-related issues with each other and without having to go to court.
  2. Focus on the facts. It is easy to let emotions take over during a divorce. However, when people act out of anger, resentment, guilt or other complex emotion, they can wind up making unreasonable demands or antagonizing their ex. Instead, stay focused on the facts and the legal processes in place. This is especially important when it comes to matters like property division as well as child and spousal support. Also note that lashing out at an ex or making inflammatory comments will rarely, if ever, help your case. So, focus on keeping your emotions in check.
  3. Rely on your legal counsel. Chances are, you have never been through this process before. You may not know what to expect, how to act or what to say. You can feel scared or defensive. This is not unusual. However, rather than get overwhelmed or intimidated into doing or saying something unwise, you can rely on your attorney as you navigate the process. He or she can help you understand your options and plan for the next steps, which can make it easier to avoid missteps.

While you may not be able to avoid every hiccup or dispute during a divorce, keeping these few suggestions in mind can help you sidestep at least some of the actions or statements that can create more conflict.