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Common Reasons for Divorce (and How they Affect the Process)

couple in sunset.jpgPeople end their marriages for myriad reasons--and often not just for one reason. That said, there are some more common reasons why people divorce. We explore some of these reasons below and offer tips on navigating the legal process when these common reasons play a role in your divorce.


Many marriages end because one or both parties have had extramarital affairs. When infidelity leads to divorce, parties typically battle trust and anger issues which affect the process.

Under these circumstances, there is greater potential for the process to be contentious. Cooperative efforts may not be realistic or successful and parties may be unwilling to give each other the benefit of the doubt. In these cases, it can be wise to keep communication brief and in writing. Parties should also prepare for litigation, should out-of-court resolution methods fail. 


Finances can put massive strain on marriages, whether spouses disagree on how to spend surplus money or they are buried in debt. 

Minimizing costly missteps should be a top priority for people citing money issues as a reason for divorce. As such, parties should opt for faster, less costly resolution methods, like making strong efforts to resolve the issues via mediation. They should also be diligent in their financial documentation during property division discussions. Divorcing spouses should also be sure any spousal or child support agreements accurately reflect their circumstances and give clear direction to avoid future confusion, dispute, and costly post-decree battles.

Growing apart

People change during a marriage, and sometimes these changes pull two people apart instead of bringing them closer together. In these situations, parties may struggle with sadness and grief, but ultimately, many realize that the marriage has run its course. Often, they just want to end the marriage as amicably as possible.

Under these circumstances, cooperative approaches like mediation can be very successful. Many people are even able to reach a resolution simply between their attorneys and submitting "stipulated findings" to the court. It is also more likely that parties will agree to arrangements like sharing custody and dividing marital assets in half. However, while there may be little conflict to contend with in these cases, it is still crucial for agreements to be fair and legally enforceable.

Whatever reasons may be behind your divorce, understand that everyone deserves a just outcome. To ensure this happens in your split, you can talk to an attorney about the specific details of your case.

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