Building and Protecting Your Brand

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2022 | Business Law

Brand awareness and recognition are critical components of consumer trust in your business. Thus, building it up can be an important priority for you.

However, in the pursuit of increasing your business’s recognition in the marketplace, it can be crucial to consider the legal elements of protecting your company.

Increasing brand recognition without creating conflicts

Articles like this one from Forbes give some tips for business owners looking to build brand recognition. Suggestions like making authentic connections, partnering with others and monitoring consumer behaviors can all be worth examining.

However, as you pursue the various strategies, keep in mind these solutions that can protect your efforts.

  1. Secure your intellectual property (IP). Everything that makes your brand, products, or services recognizable can be valuable. If people confuse your business with someone else’s, it could impact your company and your bottom line. Thus, protecting the things that make your business unique can be wise. The types of IP you may have can include everything from your logo to your marketing strategy.
  2. Create enforceable contracts. Whether you work with an influencer, hire vendors, or give your employees access to proprietary information, protect yourself and your business with contracts. These agreements can be the backbone of your business relationships and provide directions about expectations and behaviors.
  3. Litigate wisely. Taking legal action can protect your business, but it can also be costly. Further, companies that consumers see as vindictive or toxic can lose tremendous value in the marketplace. Consulting an attorney to help you navigate issues with employees, partners, and others can help you identify ways of resolving disputes effectively and efficiently.

These tips can help you set your business apart from others and increase awareness.

The value of your brand

After taking these and other steps to build and improve your brand, be sure to keep the value you create in mind when faced with business transactions like mergers and acquisitions or selling your company.

There are several ways to calculate and measure a brand’s value, so working with legal and financial professionals can be in your best interests.

Brand recognition can be a truly essential component of your business. Knowing how to assess and protect it can help when navigating a range of complicated business transactions.