How Can You Help a Loved One Who Is Showing Signs of Dementia?

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2023 | Estate Planning

Dementia is an illness that usually strikes in old age. It robs a person of their memory and can lead to the afflicted person becoming a danger to themselves. In advanced stages, dementia can lead to the body’s “forgetting” even involuntary actions, such as how to breathe.

Dementia is scary for everyone. When the signs start to show, being proactive can be the best way to protect your loved one.

Recognize what is happening

One of the hardest things about dementia is it can present like typical age-related issues. It is common to be forgetful every now and then. It is normal to have attention issues. But these things are also signs of dementia.

Being able to recognize the signs early can really help, so any concerns can be addressed with your loved one’s doctor. The doctor can run tests to determine whether it is just normal signs of aging or something more serious.

Seek help fast

Once you have a dementia diagnosis, it is essential for your loved one to express their wishes now while they can still make decisions for themselves. Getting your loved one’s input now can save a lot of time, confusion, and arguments later. Once dementia worsens, your loved one may become combative or uncooperative.

One important step will be to set up a power of attorney, and to clarify their wishes in a legal document, such as their estate plan, before it is too late.

Look at technology

Technology can be a huge help with dementia. You can encourage independence, which is something most people fear losing, by using cameras and other technology to monitor your loved one and keep them safe. Use all the tools you can to help your loved one care for themselves and stay safe.

It is not easy to deal with dementia, but if you catch it early and plan ahead, it can be much easier for everyone.