Personal Injury Attorney Wins Full Payout for Car Accident Client

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Firm News

Car Accident

The problem: Our client was severely injured in a rear end car crash, which resulted in significant medical procedures and a costly recovery. He approached our Personal Injury attorneys to aid in his case to recoup the financial cost of the damages he incurred.

Our solution: Showing the details of a complicated soft tissue injury was challenging. Our team went the extra mile to deeply detail all of the various medical procedures and work with the medical providers to dig into our client’s medical bills. Our dedication to gathering this extensive information made a significant impact on the end result of the case. 

The results: We successfully settled with the Defendant’s insurance company, which paid our client their limit of coverage. We are now attempting to resolve all subrogation interests (at a discount) and make an Under Insured (UIM) claim on his behalf. While it is always our goal to exceed our client’s expectations, we were especially thrilled to do so in a situation that offered a highly personal impact for our client.