Ready to Remarry? 3 Important Things to Know

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2019 | Family Law, Firm News

Wedding1.jpgMost people who divorce eventually get remarried. Often, people who enter subsequent marriages do so with a better understanding of the challenges of marriage – and the potential for divorce. Many also want to avoid making the same mistakes twice. Here are 3 tips to consider before tying the knot again.

You may have to wait

Obviously you have to wait for your divorce to become final before you marry again, but states have different rules on whether parties must wait an additional period of time before remarrying. For example, in Minnesota, there is no waiting period beyond the five days it takes to get a marriage license.

Wisconsin, however, requires parties to wait six months after divorce to remarry. However, that could change if a proposed bill to eliminate this waiting period becomes law.

You can plan ahead

There are various ways remarriage can affect your future, so it is wise to plan accordingly.

For example, creating or updating your estate plan to reflect your marriage can eliminate any confusion regarding your wishes in the event of death or incapacity. You will also want to update your beneficiaries and other designations.

You may also want to consider having a prenuptial agreement. You know that marriages end; having a framework for the situation should it happen again can be prudent. This is especially true if you have children from a previous relationship, sizable or significant individual assets, or other property you want to shield from division.

It’s a new chapter, not a do over

You don’t have to repeat (or try to make up for) mistakes you may have made in your first marriage; you can learn from them. This could mean being upfront with your expectations, setting rules for how to resolve arguments that arise, and valuing yourself as an individual.

Divorce is difficult. However, it can teach people important lessons about marriage and themselves that can make it easier to start a subsequent marriage with open eyes and a sturdy foundation.