Can You Find a Co-Parent Online?

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2020 | Family Law

Modern relationships and family dynamics can look very different than those of previous generations. Families are more diverse, and people play different roles. The way we create our families has changed, too.

For instance, rather than following the traditional route of meeting a mate, dating, getting married, then having kids, some people are looking to cut to the chase. Instead of searching for a romantic partner, some people are simply looking for someone with whom to co-parent.

Platonic parenting

Numerous websites have recently emerged that connect single adults to others looking to start a family without forming a romantic relationship. Instead of looking for the qualities of a good mate, users focus on looking for someone with the qualities of a good parent.

This platonic approach can be intriguing for people who may not be ready to settle down with one person. It can also be appealing for older people looking to have kids right away, as well as for people in the LGBTQ community.

By focusing only on finding a co-parent, potential moms and dads can start the family they want without having to find a romantic partner.

Is it right for everyone?

Obviously, this novel approach to starting a family would not be right for everyone. Becoming a parent is a life-long commitment, and even if you have no romantic relationship with each other, co-parents will be in each other’s lives indefinitely. Those who do not appreciate this serious commitment are likely not good candidates for this arrangement.

In contrast, this option may work well for people who are more independent and pragmatic. Those who are open, honest, and naturally cooperative could also find this approach to be attractive.

Pursuing platonic parenting properly

That said, being a good fit for platonic parenting is only part of the equation. Parties considering this option will also need to take the legal aspects and requirements of parenting seriously.

Parents-to-be will likely require parenting plans, paternity acknowledgment forms, and child support agreements. The parties will also have to reach agreements regarding legal and physical custody.

Taking these steps (ideally) before having a child with a non-romantic partner will increase the chance of a conflict-free, successful future for the family you create.